10 Best Mountain Bikes for 2016

best mountain bikes 2016

While purchasing the best mountain bike, you have to make a complete research so that you can find the best one. Among all, there are 10 best mountain bikes in 2016 from which you can choose the best for you. Here is the list:

  1. Giant Anthem Advanced

The Giant Anthem advanced is one light in weight and advanced mountain bike that improves the riding experience and provide you fun and excitement. The bike has Maestro suspension that improves the travelling by 20 millimeters. The price for such bike is more than $5000.

  1. Trek Stache

The super power of the trek Stache bike is the wide wheels that provide exciting ride with low pressure. The price range of the mountain bike is more than $3500 that shows, it is also a high class bike.

  1. Juliana Roubion

The Juliana Roubion is manufactured for the ladies riding that’s why it is considered as the best ladies bike. It provide you smooth side over the stones and the rocks of the mountains. The price range of Rouboin is very expensive that is more than $6000.

  1. The Scott Spark 900

The specialty of the scoot spark bike is the suspension that offers extremely best experience to the riders. The manufacturer of the bike offers it with complete technology including traction control, the twinloc advanced technology, geometry settings and much more.

  1. Yeti ASR Bike

Yeti ASR Bike is the best and one of the ideal bikes that provide fast climbing on the mountains and it also has the capacity to pack the heat while moving downward the mountain. It is available in two different versions.

  1. Liv Intrigue Bike

Many expert riders took the ride of the bike and most of them were fully satisfied with the ride of the bike. The bike is completely made up of the aluminum. The bike also have full suspension and it’s readily available to ride the mountains.

  1. Pivot Mach Bike

The pivot Mach bike is one of the most expensive bikes with extra-ordinary qualities and specialties. The manufacturer of the bike has made it stiffer and much lighter than any other bike. Its suspension is excellent that provide smooth ride over the rocky surface.

  1. Evil Following Bike

As all the bikes have their own specialty, the specialty of evil following bike is its unique ride. It is considered under the category of slack geometry. You can also customize its various features.

  1. The specialized Camber Bike

The specialized camber bike is the one that is specialized with different features including shimano breaks, seatpost, drivetrain, wheels and many other things. As compared to other bikes, this is considered as less expensive.

  1. Ibis Mojo Bikes

The Ibis Mojo Bike is the lighter, lower, slacker and long pasting bike that have 27.5 wheels with excellent suspension. The bike keeps its balance while moving through stones, rocks and other products. The manufacturer have provided it in different versions to manage the price.

10 Best Mountain Bikes for 2016

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