Buying Your First Bike – Comprehensive Guide [2020]

Your Guide For Buying Your First Bicycle

So you wanna buy your first bike Huh?

Well congratulations that you finally made it into biking world but I know what you are saying now… where the hell to get started from? sure you can’t grasp all the overwhelming information about biking out there in the internet … what is the best bike to buy in 2020? what type of bike should choose?.. it’s confusing! well, I’m here to help you out and this article should be reference an a starting point for you as you are starting out in biking.

I have been riding bikes for long time now, especially mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. so I have a pretty good knowledge on each bikes type features. I always guide beginners and advice them and help people on the biking subject matter.

In this guide I will cover the following topics

Choosing The Right Bike Type for you:

Every bike type is designed for specific riding style so you simply begin with asking yourself what biking experience you are after? Are you after speed? Or adventure? or cruising around the block? or you want Adrenaline ??

Mountain Bikes

These usually have wide and knobby tiers, flat handle bar and suspension as they are designed for rugged terrain but they can be ridden anywhere. Styles include hardtail and full-suspension .


Usually more expensive than hardtail that it has more capabilities especially on hard trails or when decending down hill .


Unlike Full-suspension bikes, these bikes have front suspension only, what makes it a little lighter than full-suspension what makes it faster on smooth trail and on climbing.

Road Bikes:

Lightweight with drop handlebar and narrow tires as they are designed for speed! with these you can discover wider area in short times as they roll faster.

Hybrid Bikes

These are golden choice for beginners as they blend little bit of mountain bikes and road bike hence the name hybrid bikes. so this would be ideal for those who want to enjoy speeding on tarmac and adventuring off-road at the same time . it also can be cheaper than specialized bikes

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Bike Price and Your Budget

Generally speaking, bike price lay under the bike components, so, frame material, derailleurs, cassettes, shifters, disc brakes are the main factors deciding the price for bike, so for example, a mountain bike loaded with features is a lot more expensive than a fixed speed cruiser beach bike which often has only one gear.

Frame material : the general rule is the lighter the more expensive

  • Carbon fiber: ultra lightweight, demands the highest prices
  • Steel: strong, used for both inexpensive and high-end bikes
  • Aluminum: light, used on mid-level and inexpensive bikes

Wheels: same as frames, the weight plays the main factor on their price, and how they are set, are they clincher (tube adheres to rim) , tubular (the most expensive expensive) or tubeless (the most expensive)?

SRAM Red eTap AXS HRD groupset

Gears: components quality and the whole system, the more complex the more expensive, there are also some well-known brands for gears like SRAM gear systems or Shimano


Which bike is suitable for me?

Well, it really depends on what do you need to use the bike for? so, If you are riding for fun on weekends and you don’t use the bike very often , you should definitely go for a low priced bike cruiser bikes that generally cost betweent $100-500

Bike Size Guide – Finding the Right Bike Frame Size:

A lot of people get confused when they decide to buy a bike online, as they have no idea what bike frame size is, indeed it’s kinda hard to get a fitting bike that you can ride comfortably with optimum performance, however, you can use the inseam method to decide which size for you with confidence :

Best Affordable Cruiser Bikes For Beginners:

Our recommendation of road bike for beginners:

[comparison-tables id=2534]

Best Mountain Bikes For Beginners:

Our recommendation of best mountain bikes for newbies :

[comparison-tables id=2626]

Must Have Cycling Gear For Beginners:

Now, that we have rounded the image about buying our first bike ever , what else we can buy altogether ? It’s necessary that you should have a helmet and few other bike accessories

1- Helmet:

Best Bike Helmets To Buy In 2020

[comparison-tables id=2650]

2- Bike Lock:

Best bike locks on Amazon :

[comparison-tables id=2652]

That’s all Folks, enjoy your ride!

Buying Your First Bike – Comprehensive Guide [2020]

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