eRoy Arc Bike – New Area of Electric Bikes?

The battery powered bike are becoming very popular in cities nowadays and there sales are skyrocketing ! eRoy Arc Bike is one of these cool design eBikes that’s going to shape our future and give a new curve in bikes design

eRoy eBike

the EROY ARC is an e-bike that is designed for an enjoyable riding experience through the city. What is remarkable about the eRoy Arc, is its unique design which look too futuristic yet practical!

eRoy Arc Electric bike

eRoy Arc eBike Top Features:

  • Top speed– 20 mph 
  • Range– 20 miles est. the range can vary based on pedal assist level, terrain, and rider weight.
  • Motor– 750-watt mid-drive
  • Battery– LG 10.ah 48 volts
  • Charge time– 5-6 hours from empty

eRoy Arc Price:

The eRoy Arc eBike is sold for  3500 USD for standard colors or  4000 USD for customer customized versions. and it’s shipped all over the United States.

eRoy Arc Bike – New Area of Electric Bikes?

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